These Toxic Plastics Are Everywhere Even In Your Green Brands

These Toxic Plastics Are Everywhere Even In Your Green Brands

These Toxic Plastics Are Everywhere Even In Your Green Brands

Unfortunately, plastic toxicity is everywhere. And whether we like it or not, it’s up to consumers like you to manage the exposure to chemicals in plastics, for two reasons.

First, there is a surprising lack of government involvement over the plastic packaging industry.

Second, many of these brands just don’t care, or they make excuses like “it’s too hard to make a switch”.

But once you learn about the dangers of plastic, we’re sure you’ll agree – SOMETHING has to be done. And if it has to be us making the change, then we’ll do it! Ecospace® offers a simple solution and an alternative every single company can use; we just have to get them to make a choice.

In a Nutshell

⚠️ Plastic packaging is dangerous and filled with toxins

⚠️ Even “green” companies use it, despite their mission, because it is easier

⚠️ Clear, black and white plastics ALL exude toxins that harm humans

⚠️ Even BPA-free is not safe – ALL petroleum-based plastics leak toxic chemicals

✔️ CPLA from Ecospace® is a perfect solution – made from non-GMO corn starch and compostable in every possible way

This blog is about the pressing human problem of plastic food contamination. Every petroleum-based plastic container used to hold food, cosmetics and products of all kinds contains poisonous chemicals. Now you can make a difference!

Even “Green Brands” Make These Mistakes

You may be surprised to know that even some of your personal favorite “green brands” make these mistakes in their plastic selections. Some of them view it as if they have no other choice, such as Green People, who openly admits on their website to using two different kinds of dangerous toxic plastics.

Even though the plastics that they use are technically recyclable, it doesn’t stop the fact that they are petroleum based plastics that have been proven to leach toxic plastic additives.

PE leaches the endocrine disruptor nonylphenol, and PP has been linked with causation of occupational asthma.4 So even if you have made the effort to buy healthy, most likely the PACKAGING of your favorite healthy, “green” brands is unhealthy, and definitely not green.

It is 100% not your fault, because you can’t be expected to know the difference but many green brands need to step up their game. It’s ridiculous that you should have to pay more for eco-friendly and healthy products that are really poisoned by the dangers of plastic packaging.

The saddest part is if you are a vegan, you buy your products to protect animals but the toxic plastics are killing many animals every day, all over the world.

It’s time to put an end to:

  • Harmful, toxic packaging plastics in your “green” cosmetics
  • Buying “vegan” foods that are wrapped in toxic plastic that kills animals everywhere
  • Even getting poisoned by the clear plastic of your favorite bottled water!

Here are some of the toxic plastics you as a consumer should look out for.

Clear Plastic

The majority of the clear plastic used in packaging is an extremely dangerous plastic known as PET.9 It is often used in bottled water, soap dispensers, mouthwash, and pretty much any clear plastic container.4

It is known to leach cancer-causing antimony trioxide which causes skin problems, and menstrual and pregnancy issues. Additionally, it leaches phthalates which disrupt your hormone and endocrine system.

Black Plastic

Black plastic toxicity may be the most disgusting type on our list, because it is actually so difficult to recycle that most of the forms being used today are made from recycled electronic appliances.2

This type of plastic is coated in dangerous additives that are extremely volatile and poisonous to human health, like antimony (which is like arsenic), bromine (used as a flame retardant), and heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead.2

So just imagine every black plastic instant meal container you’ve ever had being a bomb filled with dangerous chemicals that leak into your food.

White Plastic

Finally, white plastic such as the kind that you find at Whole Food’s salad bar is extremely dangerous. And despite their efforts to justify it, it’s simply not right for them to give their customers that kind of plastic cutlery when a better option exists (CPLA from Ecospace, for example).

Long-term exposure to white plastic disposable cutlery has been shown to cause brain and nervous system effects and adverse effects on red blood cells, liver, kidneys, and stomach.8

BPA Free, Meaning “Still Not Safe”

You may have heard of BPA, and you may be under the impression that BPA-free means that plastic is safe. Unfortunately, the meaning of BPA free is not the same as “safe”.

In fact, ALL petroleum-based plastics were shown in a recent study to leach BPA-like substances, causing irreparable damage to your body and reproductive system.6 They have names like BPS, which are not “buzz-words” but still highly toxic.

We Need To Mobilize Against This Lazy Poisonous Plastic Epidemic!

Ecospace® has a simple solution. CPLA cutlery made entirely from cornstarch which never has had and never will have any toxins in it! It is a GMO-free bioplastic that can be used to create 100% compostable and healthy packaging.

We don’t care if everyone uses us for their packaging, we simply want all packaging to be safe! We’d love to speak to all of these brands and show them how we do what we do.

You can help us do it! All you have to do is copy/paste our template into your email browser and send an email to those brands you know who are not making an effort… Whole Foods, Green People, and all the others!

If you are a real eco-warrior, then we’d love to see you deploy a public statement or online petition for support to have these practices changed.

There’s no excuse for these so-called “vegan” or “eco-friendly,” “green” brands to continue using poisonous plastics when there is a simple and safe alternative.

Help us make this change in the world. It’s worth it.


Jake Eck

Jake has been a copywriter and blogger for the past seven years and has recently become a digital nomad to soothe his craving for world travel, currently cruising the U.S. in a converted camper van with his dog, Mara. He loves writing about saving our planet and figures there’s no better inspiration to write than setting up a table and laptop in America’s most beautiful national parks. When you don't see him writing, Jake finds peace in long drives with a stocked cooler of ice cold coconut water while dancing to the music from 90s rollerskating rinks!

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