About Ecospace®: Our Mission And Purpose

Ecospace® is designed for the planet with your convenience in mind. We realize saving the planet and living the ultimate Eco-friendly lifestyle is not easy. With Ecospace®, you get the most convenient and easy eco-friendly solutions so you can make a difference without changing your entire life.


Compassion, Integrity and Excellence

Ecospace® was created with a clear initiative: to reduce plastic pollution going forward, and reverse the damage already done to our earth. How? By developing compostable alternatives through innovation and excellence, with service to match.

Our Compassion comes through in the way we embrace only vegan products. It comes through in the way we produce compostable plastic that won’t harm animals. And it comes through in our customer service.


Our Integrity is present in all of our products, which hold the highest certifications we can find. It is present in the education we offer our customers, and it’s there when we ask consumers to investigate us and draw their own conclusions.


Our Excellence makes its appearance in our strong CPLA cutlery that satisfies your everyday needs. It shows in how we put all of our hearts and minds into compostable packaging, and it’s clear from the way we consult with other brands to make green initiatives come true.


To Help You Easily Live A Conscious, Planet-Friendly Life

From A to Z, Ecospace® creates products that are healthy for humans and healthy for the planet. By making it convenient to live a planet-healthy lifestyle, we hope to counter and reverse decades of pollution.

With our mission for education and activism, we can help change the people who use our products and the earth. We hope to inspiring our fans, and create a community that supports one another in the conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.

That way, no one gets left behind and we all get to enjoy the continuing beauty of our planet for a long time together.


The World Problems Ecospace® Can Solve If We All Work Together

The odds are good: if you are reading this page, you already know about the problems in our world. Plastic pollution, excessive pollution of the oceans, poisoning the land, and global warming.

And all of it is caused by unsustainable and cruel agricultural practices – which lead to unhealthy foods, processed ingredients instead of organic goodness, mass amounts of sugar, and toxic life-threatening chemicals in everything you can get at the grocery store.

Our world is in serious danger of losing its soul and in doing so, losing its ability to sustain itself.

The mission of Ecospace® is to effectively “turn the ship around” on this global epidemic and declare these problems null and void. We do this by making it easy for YOU to live a conscious life -- convenient, inexpensive, and “eco-friendly to the max” all at the same time.

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Certified 100% Compostable
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Ecospace® Makes Compassionate Conscious Living Easy With REAL Eco-Friendly, Planet-Loving Choices – All Certified And Proven.

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Certified In Every Eco-Friendly Practice Known To Humans

The sad truth is, there are many “eco-friendly” and “vegan” brands out there who don’t live up to their carefully-preserved reputations. Some of the biggest brands in the world, for instance, don’t embrace sustainable or compostable packaging for their products.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for including downright dangerous petroleum-based plastics anywhere in your packaging or products, yet most eco-friendly companies still do.

Ecospace® is genuinely different, and we’re willing to prove it. We jump through every hoop imaginable to get our products and packaging certified by all significant oversight committees.

This page is where we’ve documented our certifications and standards.


Biodegradable Vs Compostable – What’s The Difference?

Did you know that the difference between these two very similar words makes a BIG difference in our planet’s health?

One of these words could refer to something that pollutes our water or land for more than 200 years, while the other refers to something which completely disintegrates without a trace in only 3 months.
Do you know which one is which? In this our blog article, we’re going to look at the differences and ask the question: “biodegradable vs compostable – which one is better for the environment?”


The White Plastic Epidemic – What Is It? Why Is It So Bad?

We all know it ruins the world to have plastic pollution in the oceans, on our land and hurting animals. But there’s one kind of plastic that is worse than others: white plastic. The kind that forms plastic straws, forks, knives, and more.
Because when we have that kind of plastic pollution in the ocean, it can be very dangerous to innocent animals. It’s this plastic – made exclusively by humans – that nature can’t digest.
So today we’re going to look at the white plastic epidemic – and learn where it comes from, the unfortunate effects, and what YOU can do to fight it.


Closing the Loop: A Circular Economy, And How You Can Join!

Our economy just isn’t natural. Everything starts out with unsustainable manufacturing processes and ends up in a landfill.

What if we could create a circular economy where every waste product contributed value – either adding nutrients to the soil or being fed back into manufacturing new products? Is this an unrealistic idea? No, far from it. It would generate $1,000,000,000 in savings a year and 100,000 jobs within five years. Here’s how.


Bioplastic CPLA Absorbs 1000s of Tons Of CO². Here’s How It’s Made

We live in a plastic society. A staggering amount of 300 million tons of plastic is produced each and every year, and only about 10 percent of that is recycled.

Worse, as plastic degrades it releases massive amounts of methane gas, which has 21 times more greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. As the plastic breaks down, the smaller micro particles emit up to 488 times more methane gas over their 1,000-plus year lifespan.

The solution comes in the form of carbon-neutral bioplastic made from plant materials, like CPLA. The production process even REVERSES global warming in a big way. This blog explains exactly how.


These Toxic Plastics Are Everywhere Even In Your Green Brands

Calling All Eco-Warriors! There is a cause that affects almost every person in the world, but sadly especially vegans and eco-friendly people.

That’s because even the most beloved vegan brands still use petroleum-based plastic packaging which KILLS animals around the world EVERY day.

Find out the TRUTH – and what YOU can do to help advance this righteous cause!