The World Of Ecospace® (Zero) Waste Management

The vision of Ecospace® is fulfilled in the “waste management” process. After all, what makes Ecospace® different is the fact that our products don’t create pollution. Through intelligent waste cycling, our products contribute back to society. Not simply through recycling and upcycling, but also through composting. This page will help you understand the possibilities.


Save The Earth With Ecospace® - By Seeing Waste Differently

Where most people see a chore, we see an opportunity. With Ecospace®, “taking out the trash” is not only fun and interesting, it’s also the best way to save the Earth, reverse pollution and neutralize carbon emissions. There is so much that you can do with Ecospace® products after you are done using them.

The best part is Ecospace® gives you the resources to make it easy.


Ecospace® Products Are Never Wasted, And They Never Pollute

Step 1 - Reuse or Upcycle

Ecospace® plastic is extremely durable and can be reused many times. It is even made to withstand a beating in the dishwasher. You can also upcycle it for many greater purposes.

Step 2 - Compost

When you are done using your Ecospace® products, they can be returned to soil in 12 weeks. You can drop off your Ecospace® products at a local composting facility or follow our home composting guide.

Step 3 - Pick Up Service

If you have no composting facility in your area and you can't compost it yourself, then Ecospace® offers a pickup service anywhere in the US, UK, EU or CAN.


Returning Ecospace® Products Back Into Soil Within 12 Weeks

INDUSTRIAL COMPOSTING: Is a rigorously controlled process that produces nutritious soil within 12 weeks. Many communities (including possibly yours) may have a composting facility where you can drop off your compostables and where they are being returned to Mother Nature.


HOME COMPOSTING: This is for the DIY type of person who likes to work in the garden. At-home composting can be a very rewarding experience since you are using natural biochemistry to create highly nutritious fertilizer.


We Make It Easy To Participate In The Circular Economy

The Ecospace® Bioplastic Collection Point Network is growing larger by the day. The simple stations are made entirely from metal and each one is equipped with a compostable bioplastic bag inside for collection. The best part is, it’s not only for Ecospace® products; we will accept any bioplastic.

As a business, you can show your support for the environment by requesting a Collection Point. Ecospace® will regularly collect the bioplastic contents of this container and re-manufacture them.

If you or a business you know is interested in opening a collection point, please contact us using the link below.


Free Pick Up For Your Effortless Convenience

We are happy to offer free pickup of all clean Ecospace® cutlery anywhere within the US, the EU, Canada and the UK. After collection, we will remanufacture the material or bring it to an industrial composting facility, depending on which one is more sustainable in the area where you live.

Ecospace® pickup is made for situations when you simply can’t upcycle or compost our cutlery (either at home or at an industrial facility). Ecospace® spends a lot of resources to make this service possible and to keep it free. Please use it responsibly with this in mind!


One Day Soon, Every World Economy Will Be Circular

Ecospace® is literally built around the idea of a circular economy. Instead of going in a straight line from manufacturing to landfill, our bioplastic cutlery is designed to be compostable or used for recycling and upcycling. It can even be transformed into E-PLA and help reduce the world’s reliance on traditional plastics.

✔️ A CIRCULAR ECONOMY feeds “waste products” back into the manufacturing cycle, creating a sustainable, endless circle without pollution


Open Your Own Collection Point!

Show that your business cares about our home planet! Collecting bioplastics for the circular economy is easy. Simply email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the pickup cost.

It is 100% free in the US, CAN, UK or EU as long as you have at least 500 pieces to return. For pickups of smaller quantities, shipping costs apply.

In what areas is the pickup service available?

Anywhere in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Are there any conditions for the pickup service?

Only Ecospace® branded products are eligible for the pickup service while all other CPLA Bioplastic products are accepted at the Ecospace® Collection Points. They products must be clean and can't have remaining food waste on them. Water cleaning is enough just make sure no food is left.

Where do the materials go after pickup?

Depending on your area our team takes them directly to an industrial composting facility or to one of our hubs for remanufacturing. It simply depends on which one is closer. We are constantly reviewing and improving our routing algorithms so that we can provide the eco-friendliest pickup services possible.

Is parcel services pickup sustainable and eco-friendly?

The short answer is, yes! Sending your used Ecospace® products by parcel does not generate a significant amount of CO². We recommend first exhausting your other options - reuse our products, upcycle them, compost them at home or give them to and industrial composting facility in your area. The pickup service was designed to work when those other options don’t, forming a perfect circular, holistic system.

Do the Ecospace® Collection Points accept other non-Ecospace® CPLA Bioplastic?

Absolutely all CPLA Bioplastic products can be disposed of at the Ecospace® Collection Points. The only condition is that they hold at least one compostable certificate from BPI or TÜV Austria. Uncertified CPLA Bioplastic products are not allowed because they might contain petroleum-based plastic, toxins and/or heavy metals.

Can I compost Ecospace® at home?

Yes. Not only is it healthy for the environment, but also very fun. We’ve even written a helpful guide to show you how. Read it here.

I have no industrial composting facility in my area and I can't compost it at home. What should I do?

Use our pickup service. You can also talk to (and petition) your local government to get a composting facility. We offer templates that can help you get started (click here to access them). It may even be more effective to start your very own petition on

How is Ecospace® reusable?

CPLA is crystallized corn starch polymers, which are extremely durable and strong. They can withstand the heat and physical forces of a dishwasher very effectively. In fact, you can clean and reuse Ecospace® products many times.